You do not have to join Harmony to attend Harmony. However, if you desire to put your life and influence in this church as a member, you can join through the following process:

Simply come forward at the end of any service and tell the pastor that you would like to join the church. He will schedule a time to meet with you and talk to you about what membership means at Harmony. We provide a pre-membership class called, “Discovering Harmony” so that you can learn more about the beliefs and vision of the church and how you fit in. After completing this class, you can join in a regular service of the church in any of four ways (whichever apply):

(1)       By statement of experience of conversion, followed by believers’ baptism.

(2)       By letter of recommendation from other churches of like faith and order.

(3)       By statement of Christian experience (if you have been saved and baptized)

(4)       By restoration

Someone who is reading might wonder:

“Why should I join Harmony?”

Joining a church is not a quick decision. You visit, pray and are convinced it is God’s will. Joining brings new responsibilities. Members can vote and are eligible to be considered to teach Sunday School classes or lead small groups or serve in other ministries. But, primarily, joining Harmony means that you are making a COMMITMENT to be faithful to church, to abide by the church’s doctrines, covenant and bylaws and to publicly identify with Harmony.   

“I just want to attend. Will I be pressured to join?”

Absolutely not! We are glad that you want to worship with us, and we will not pressure you to become a member. Remember, you do not have to JOIN Harmony to ATTEND Harmony or be loved by the people at Harmony!