There are many different types of Baptist churches. We are uniquely:

1. Missionary Baptist – missions emphasis

As a Missionary Baptist Church, we emphasize domestic and foreign missions. During the year, Harmony hosts numerous missionaries who are raising support to go to the field or are in the USA on furlough. We get to hear from church-planting missionaries serving in South Africa, China, South America, U.S.A. jails and prisons, drug rehab ministry, and many more. If you are interested in learning more about missions, Harmony is the place for you! 

2. Southern Baptist – conservative in doctrine

Harmony associates with the Southern Baptist Convention. Because of this, we believe in fellowshipping and cooperation with other churches in our area of like-faith and practice. We also cooperate with the SBC in mission work through the yearly Annie Armstrong and Lottie Moon offerings, and we support our local North Georgia and Murray County Baptist Associations.

Some Christians are under the false-impression that the SBC controls churches that fellowship with it. That is simply not true. Harmony Baptist Church is independent and self-governing. The official Constitution of the Southern Baptist Convention states: “…the Convention does not claim and will never attempt to exercise any authority over any other Baptist body, whether church, auxiliary organizations, associations, or convention.”  

Harmony chooses to associate with the SBC because it allows us to work with many churches for common goals, while maintaining our independence and distinct values. As our bylaws state: “We believe that every church is independent and self-governing, but that it is under moral obligation to associate itself with other churches of like faith and order in approved common enterprises and seek the promotion of Christ’s Kingdom, particularly such as mission, Christian education and benevolences.”