At Harmony, our pastor prefers to teach and preach from the King James Version of the Bible. Many of our members read and study from the KJV. Pastor Stephen prefers the King James Version for these reasons:

  • Its language is beautiful and powerful for public reading.
  • Its older English is very precise. For example: the pronouns “thee, thou, ye” and “you” in the KJV indicate a difference between singular and plural. In modern English, the word “you,” is used for both singular and plural pronouns. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to tell when one person or many people are being spoken of: a difficulty that does not exist in the King James Version.  
  • The King James Version is widely accepted by many different groups of believers. Preaching and teaching from it allows the widest possible outreach with the least amount of controversy.

If you prefer to use another translation of the Bible you are welcome at Harmony! Our desire is to focus on proclaiming the Word of God to the lost and teaching it to the saved. We prefer not to debate the Bible. We want to proclaim its message!